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发布时间:2015/12/3 16:16:48

There was a loud bang, English poetry orchid "aurora" series debut! 
Recently, English poetry LAN to the aurora X1 authority released (" x 1 "is not" ai Ke si 1 "oh!) , "" to the media and dealer friends crazy reproduced, business of electric vehicles, electric vehicle business, China's three rounds of authoritative media gave high evaluation of the X1 products. X1 performance can get friends form distribution partners and consumers, without his authority origins - Jiang Sudong Fang Yingshi LAN vehicle industry co., LTD., Jiang Sudong Fang Yingshi LAN to vehicle industry co., LTD. Is a industry of jiangsu provincial laboratory qualification award winner, only one of the three home, strict requirement of the national authoritative organization, also through the aurora series strict management concept and fine production process. 
See in dealer's message and consulting information, small make up to sort out one afternoon to finish the order information processing. It doesn't, the leader that X1 reflect market so well, the day will assemble the r&d center, manufacturing center, procurement director, working overtime, concentrated aurora X series is developed, after the 30 day and night of hard development, now the aurora family series is now fully, welcome all dealers to crazy of choose and buy! 
The below small make up take you know about the aurora family series products together! 
The aurora X1 
Car size: 1600 x1050x280 
The aurora X2 
Car size: 1500 x1050x280 
The aurora X3 
Car size: 1460 x1050x590 
The aurora X4 
Car size: 1350 x950x280 
The aurora X5 
Car size: 1460 x1050x280 
The aurora X6 
Car size: 1460 * 1050 * 1050 
The aurora X7 
Car size: 1500 * 1100 * 1100 
Aurora series in appearance, seat covers, car frame, a comprehensive upgrade, any small changes, has been fully market research and thoughtful, interpret our concern for you, intimate, make your English poetry orchid brand have more confidence to us. English poetry LAN -- Jiang Sudong Fang Yingshi LAN vehicle industry co., LTD., high-end brands, believe we will do better! 



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